What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair (P.D.R – for short) is cutting-edge technology that quickly and effectively removes any and ALL signs of prior dent damage on a vehicle.

Using specialized tools our professional technicians locate all dents, reshape the metal, and return its exterior to its original form.



Depending on how fast your insurance company agrees on repair estimates you can have your vehicle back *same day* in some cases depending onextend of damages because there’s no waiting for paint and primers to dry.

Generally, we’d like to have you in ad out on PDR’s within 3 – 5 days.


Because no additional materials are required for repairs (matching paint, epoxy, etc.), if your vehicle passes for PDR services all you or your insurance company will come out of pocket for are skills and billing time.


It’s not entirely easy to match the factory finished paint scheme of an original color on a vehicle regardless how sophisticated the technology. You’d have to factor in the age of existing paint on the vehicle along withwear and tear. Even the best spot auto painters will leave minor signs of a re-paint job. Consequently, this will have a negative effect on your vehicles resale value unless your vehicle is entirely repainted.

With PDR there is NO re-painting involved assuming there are no scratches and other blemishes to consider. Thus, you can enjoy a higher resale or trade-in value.


Unlike traditional methods of dent repair releasing toxic chemicals, solvents and paints into the atmosphere, PDR is friendly on the environment.


If you have a newer, luxury, antique or classic-style vehicle you’d be less keen to have significant alterations. Naturally, you’d be concerned it won’t look quite the same as it did before damages.

With PDR, alterations are ‘non-intrusive’, keeping your vehicle looking as close to how it was prior any damage. Restoration, too, also boost resale and trade-in value.

Here Are 4 MORE Benefits For Our PDR Services:



PDR repairs dents the size of “dings” to as large as coconuts.



There are ZERO body fillers, sanding or repainting.



Schedule repairs are often completed within HOURS or 24hrs at most from start to finish



Repairs are PERMANENT! Once repair the are retains its original strength.



Not ALL paintless dent repair services are created equal.

The average body shop will ‘tell you’ they can ‘get the job done’ and hack and chop your vehicle to pieces if done improperly to remove a few dents. Most shops are in business to repair vehicles, not cosmetic damages where we specialize.

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