Ignoring small chips or cracks on auto glass is easy enough to do. It doesn’t pose an immediate threat and you have better things to do. But these small inconveniences can potentially grow to expensive problems compromising you and your passengers’ safety.

Below are 4 reasons why you would benefit from getting your auto glass windows repaired today:


Most motorists have auto glass insurance coverage, meaning, if necessary, their policy will cover total replacement. However, if you do NOT have this coverage you’d come out of pocket for the total costs. If you have no means of paying for it yourself in full, like most with a chip or crack you’ll ignore it.

Fortunately, there’s a *BETTER* option. Repairs cost SIGNIFICANTLY less than replacement(s).



MC Whip technicians are meticulously trained to work on every vehicle make and model. Regardless what you drive, our veteran staff at MC Whips can rise above the occasion.

Our repair specialist leads the industry in fender, glass, painting, bumper, aluminum and weather damage repair.


To guard your vehicle from damage against the weather elements, such as rain, hail, wind, and snow, it’s wise to have cracks and chips repaired quickly. The sooner you delay, the more money you’re bound to pay for replacements.


Scuffs, dents, rust and other related cosmetic damageis enough for potential buyers to drive the cost of buying a vehicle down in price, but cracked or chipped windows are even greater reasons for price haggling. And for good reason.

No one wants to deal with the expense of a window that could shatter at virtually anytime. They’re factoring in potential cost of replacement or repairs in the worst-casescenario and usually they overestimate the costs of doing so.

If you intend on selling you can give potential buyers peace of mind letting us handle this potential stumbling block so you fetch a better price.

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