Hail storms.

Can’t live with it…

…DEFINITELY can’t live with it!

Spring and summer hailstorms makes you wonder, “Is this Mother Nature’s idea of atwisted joke?!”

What’s worst is they happen without warning making it nearly impossible to avoid damage unless you have a habit of parking your vehicle in a garage or other sheltered area.

It wreaks havoc, causes hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in damages on vehicles and other outside property, and if you’re unlucky chances are you’re looking at several pockmarked dentsand dimples right now as you wonder about the expense.

Fortunately, we specialize in repairing vehicles that have been plagued with hail.

If you’re vehicle has been struck down with hail recentlywithout mercy, rest assured MC Whips has the experience, skill and technology to restoreit back to its pre-damaged condition.

 Our crew will make your vehicle look as if it has NEVER been through “hail and back”.



Here's How We Do It

MC Whips typically uses paintless dent repair for hail destruction taking advantage of techniques to repair outer panel strikes or indentations.

If the exterior paint hasn’t been stripped and compromised we can safely, effectively and quickly remove surface imperfections without surface repaint.

If, however, we find obvious chipping, scratching and peeling, first we’ll extract all dents and remove surface imperfections to eliminate any need of body fillers BEFORE recommending a paint refinish.


Why Choose US

We Value Your TRUST – Our highly trained and skilled technicians are behind-the-scene “wizards” who take their jobs, and your trust, seriously.

You’re counting on us to use the most innovative technology techniques in hail damage repair and to do it right the first time.

Keep Your Vehicles VALUE – It’s no question dents and dings DRAMATICALLY reduce your vehicles resale and trade-in.

Would you feel comfortable purchasing something with obvious signs of cosmetic damage?

Our service brings your vehicle back to its original condition pre-hailstorm damage.

If your vehicle is in need of our hail dent removal and extraction services, bring it in to MC Whips for your FREE estimate.

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